Awesome! You know how to Publish to the Marketplace and you want to start selling documents? 

One option is to resell documents that have already been created. This is a great option if you want to flesh out your shop or you want to start selling more documents to make some extra $$$$. You can do this by white labeling documents created by another organisation as your own.

All you need to do is select the document that you want to resell. (Automio has a number of documents available for resale, these can be found in our storefront:

Select the button that says 'ADD TO DASHBOARD' this will take you to your dashboard where the document will now be! (Please note: If this button is not shown this usually means the documents isn't available for resale. It is the authors choice whether to allow resale of their documents.)

The wholesale price will ONLY be charged when a resale is made i.e every time a customer buys this document $30 will go to the creator of the document. 

You can edit the presentation of the flow in the 'DETAILS' tab to suit your style, you can change the photo, the title, the summary and the description to present the flow as your own. 

You can then choose to sell this flow in the 'PUBLISHING' tab.

You can will need to select the price of the document. You can do this under retail price.

The retail fee is shown below the retail price this is the 'wholesale price' that is displayed when you add the document to your dashboard. 

The platform fee is a fixed price of $0.85 NZD. 

The final amount is what your organisation will be charged or credited for each use of this flow. On the 20th of each month, the credit will be transferred to the nominated bank account for your organisation.

Under the publishing tab you can also choose your output options and make the document even more personalised by changing the theme of the Word output (Unsure how to do this? CLICK HERE). 

Finally you can publish the document to your store by selecting "publish this flow".

Now you can earn some extra $$$$ by reselling some docs!!!

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