Automio is your very own interview-bot, virtual concierge, and document-builder in the cloud.  You train Automio to ask questions and produce customised output based on what it learns from your employees or customers (or even other web services).  You don’t need to learn a programming language to use Automio: you just draw Flows with your finger or mouse, and let Automio make (or save) money for you around the clock while you focus on upselling your existing customers and reaching new ones.

When should I use Automio?

Have you got a process that requires you or an employee to gather information from a customer to give them a customised result?  For example, a Quote or Estimate, or even a Legal Document like a Will or a Trust?  Make a Flow with Automio.

Do you have specialist knowledge in your industry that you train your employees with, and want to create an audit for each job undertaken?  For example, as an Electrician diagnosing faults or a builder deciding what type and size of heating to recommend?  Make a Flow with Automio.

Perhaps you are a creative pro, and want to create “choose your own adventure” type entertainment experience for customers?  Or a Wedding Planner who wants to be able to charge for an online custom wedding plan maker to generate passive income and concentrate on selling additional services?  Make a Flow with Automio.

Automio is the perfect fit for all of these cases (and infinitely more :)

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