The Automio marketplace is where lawyers can create, buy and sell automated legal docs.  Here is a handy example of how the marketplace can be used:

You’re a lawyer at a reputable law firm and have a high quality licensing agreement precedent you use over and over again with your clients.  You use Automio to automate the process of creating the licensing agreement into a “flow”.  You can then use that flow in a few different ways:

  • You and your colleagues can use the flow internally at your firm, and each time you want a licensing agreement prepared you answer the interview on behalf of the client and Automio instantly produces a licensing agreement that is tailored to your client’s specific requirements.
  • You sell your licensing agreement flow in your firm’s branded shop in the Automio marketplace – it’s got your firm’s name, logo and colours.  You sell these automated licensing agreements to your existing clients who can serve themselves, as well as new clients who find you online via your own website (which is easily linked to the Automio marketplace) or through searching the marketplace itself. 
  • Nadia is a lawyer at a firm down the road from you.  She has long admired your excellent licensing agreement.  She sees you’re selling the licensing agreement flow in the Automio marketplace and jumps for joy – she can buy it off you and on-sell it to her clients in the Automio marketplace, or use it internally in her own firm.  Every time she uses or on-sells your licensing agreement flow you get paid.

We are always receptive to ideas about improving our software, so feel free to start a conversation with us about what you want to see :)

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