"Clockblockers" are what we call those people who are resisting the inevitable advance of automation technology.  A couple of recommendations to helping them along:

  • At partners/directors’ meetings you need to change the focus of the conversation from maximising partner profits to investing in the future of the firm and future-proofing it.  Talk to your other partners about what they want their legacy to be, because the last thing these partners want is for their firms to go down the toilet after they leave.
  • I don’t think you need full partnership support to start using automation.  Automio, for example, is very affordable with subscriptions ranging from $23 - $57 per month, which means you can get yourself a subscription and start having a go.  You can also do the 5 “toe dips” I talked about in the webinar.  Once you start demonstrating the benefits of automation your partners will have no choice but to listen.

We plan to make this the topic of its own Webinar so stay tuned.

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